Electronic Music 

Lo-fi Hip Hop

A collection of sampled sections of classic songs and my own compositions, recreated and remixed into hip-hop adaptions. 

Using DAW software I manipulate and 'lofi' the sounds to create a unique and modest style that sounds analogue and old-school. 

More of my lofi work:


Electronic Dance Music

A collection of my best work in house music and other electronic dance music styles, such as future bass and alternative.

Since the age of 14, this has been my forte, and has been the original driving force for my exploration into sound production.

For more of my EDM work:


 Recorded Music 

The Sones - What To Say

This is the debut song from my previous band, produced by myself in our make-shift home studio.

Over the span of 2 days I produced the song, using multiple microphone set-ups and a variety of recording techniques to produce as close to studio quality as was possible.

For more examples of rock demos and pieces:


A-Level Coursework

These songs are from my A-level in Music Technology. 

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You is a track by Led Zeppelin which I remade instrumentally.

I Want It That Way is a cover of Backstreet Boys', which I remixed in a completely different style - house, using the original melodies and chords.

Here Comes The Sun is of course a Beatles track, which I covered in my second year.

This is work from my radio module which I edited and produced. 

The Extreme Sports Jingle is for my group work in which we were tasked with producing a 30 minute radio show, which we revolved around Extreme Sports.

For the Xmas Jingle, I collaborated with a student on another course for a radio show that revolved around Christmas in Lincoln.

The packages are the pre-recorded and edited parts of our radio show, which I planned, recorded, edited and produced for our radio show.

Jingles and Other

These are a collection of Soundscapes that I have done so far in my degree.

The first is a binaural soundscape revolving around University life as a student. I recorded the audio using binaural microphones, and edited it in a way that allows the listener (whilst wearing headphones) to hear the audio in 360 degrees.

Christmas In Lincoln attempts to document the sounds around the University and in the city during December.

Lincdogg 2016 was an experimental piece using sounds found in Lincoln and resampled and manipulated to create something organic but mechanical at the same time.


Other Audio Work